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Lathe for wood - this device, which may establish such things, as the stair rack, design on the tree, and more. CNC lathe controlled by a computer, which is controlled by the user. The use of computers on a lathe offers a wide range of benefits and functions, Improved functionality.
Lathe is designed for cylindrical workpieces or conoidal, например, column, railing, chairs, etc.. D. All turning machines work the same way. Access USB devices, garlands twist, casting.


Model: HE 1530

Composition: cast iron
The spindle shaft: Sturdy spindle, NSK bearings with a radial groove, class P5.
actuating system: - three-phase current 380 AT, 50 Hz. 4 kW. , 1 set
- stepping motor: 450B 2 kit
- stepper driver: YKAO2811MA 2 kit
- The servomotor is not mandatory
- 5.5kw 220v / 3ph / 220v / 1ph dlya opcionalьnogo
inverter: best inverter 5.5 kW (Fuling brand is not mandatory)
guide: Тайвань HIWIN / PMI linear square guide.
spindle speed: 3000 about / min
size of material: 300 * 1500 mm (length: 2000 mm, 2500 mm, 3000 mm)
Center Sleeve ID: 1.414 again lateral length of material (without the need for hoses, if more material diameter 60 mm)
Вес: 500 <font><font>кг</font></font>
engraving speed: 4 m / min
Maximum. innings 15 mm / g
Maximum. feed rate: 700 mm / min
Minimum mounting block: 0,1 mm
articulation device: pneumatic connection air within 6-8 have.
Tail: Accurate and easy to move, with quick clamping device with pneumatic
electrical system: air circuit breaker switch protection
dimensions (L * W * H): Machine (without control box) 3100 * 1280 * 1780 mm
Package size: A car (with an operating box) 3200 * 1380 * 1980 mm
Вес: 1700 <font><font>кг</font></font>
Software AUTOCAD (формат DXF)
Control system: DSP