Doing business in Russia, Whosale Trade in Russia, import export business, Partnerships.

Doing business in Russia, Whosale Trade in Russia, import export business, Partnerships?!

Good day, friends! You are greeting by the international wholesale trade logistics company GTgroup.Company, also we are residents of the port special economic zone in Russia our location in Ulyanovsk. The Port Special Economic Zone in Russia in Ulyanovsk is a territory with a special status, tax and customs privileges, provided with infrastructure for the implementation of projects of Russian and foreign investors.

Our company (GTgroup.Company) specializes in importing goods to Russia from various countries around the world more than 10 years. The company has all the necessary knowledge’s, experiences and opportunities for successful implementation of projects on foreign economic activity in the field of international wholesale trade.

GTgroup.Company imports goods from countries such as USA, China, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and others. We are not limited to importing any commodity item of GTgroup. The company imports and sells various commodity groups Clothing, Auto Parts, Dried Fruits, Nuts, Industrial Equipment, Machine Tools and Other Industrial and Consumer Goods.
We are here to help you with the realization of your goods, selling them in the Russian market as well as you are interested in the partnership of international wholesale trade. You can provide us the list of products you offer, as well as and we can find out proposal for your goods with helping a successful implementation of your products on the Russian market.

We are happy to cooperate with you and we are ready to provide for you our great opportunities with more than 10 years of experience with a successful and convenient and profits for you in order to realize your goods and projects in the sphere of international wholesale trade in the territory of the Russian Federation.

How can we cooperate with you and help you to deliver goods to Russia, as well as for the subsequent successful sale in Russia?

As we noted above mentioned, GTgroup.Company is a resident of the port special economic zone located in Ulyanovsk in Russia Federation. We stimulate whosale trade in Russia, we perform the functions of marketing and management, all processes of foreign economic activity and international wholesale trade, from a wholesale supplier to a wholesale client. We provide a big opportunities and reliable partnership in the international wholesale trade. We are ready to provide you with all the necessary facilities, tools, reliable partnership with our 10-year experience in selling goods in Russia.
partnerships whosale trade in russia
If you are interesting in expanding the boundaries of your company, increasing wholesale sales, and implementing wholesale projects on the territory of the Russian Federation, we can offer you a partnership for the implementation of your projects in the Russian Market so that you can provide Russian consumers of goods, your goods on a permanent basis and as soon as possible. By concluding a mutually beneficial partnership with our company, you can sell your products in the Russian market and in the CIS countries, quickly !!!, you can keep your goods in warehouses in Russia and issue your goods, with our help, to the Russian market from the territory of the port A special economic zone (free customs zone) in the city of Ulyanovsk, which is located in the heart of the main consumer environment of the Russian Federation.

The territory of the port special economic zone is surrounded by all major major Russian cities by consumers, with a population of several tens of millions of people, located within 1000 - 1500 kilometers around the port special economic zone in the city of Ulyanovsk.
The convenient location of the port special economic zone and high consumer potential:
- In the radius of 500 kilometers - more than 20,000,000 people
- In the radius of 1000 kilometers - more than 75,000,000 people
- In the radius of 1500 kilometers - more than 112,000,000 people (80% of the population of the Russian Federation)
Distance to the main largest cities of the portage:
- Moscow 875 kilometers
- Nidny Novgorod 440 kilometers
- Kazan - 210 kilometers
- Samara - 260 kilometers
By establishing a mutually beneficial partnership with our company, you will be able to have the following opportunities and benefits for your wholesale business in Russia:

- With our help, you can start developing your wholesale product project in the Russian Federation in a comprehensive manner.
- With our help you can successfully export your goods from your country.
- with our help you can successfully import your goods into Russia.
- with our help you can safely and safely store your goods in the territory of Russia, in the city of Ulyanovsk, at the warehouses of the port special economic zone (customs cargo), unlimited time, without customs clearance, until it is sold (or released to the Russian market).

- with our help (if necessary) you can redirect your goods from Russia to other countries of near and far abroad (with customs cargo not paying customs clearance) from the port special economic zone.
- great possibilities of customs clearance in Russia, with our help you can bring your goods to the Russian market within 3 hours. When ordering the next consignment of your goods, the Russian customer will be able to clear your goods at his own expense, it is very profitable and affordable even for medium and small businesses. Thus, your goods will constantly disperse quickly, even in small but numerous lots.

- with our help to the Russian wholesale customer, owner of large and medium-sized or small wholesale business, it will be convenient to come and pick up your goods from the warehouses of the port special economic zone, he will not have to carry out the entire process of foreign economic activity (from the supplier to the client), this We will prepare everything with you, your customers will be able to get your finished goods from the first hand easily and quickly.

- Fast courier delivery of goods to the consumer! This is very advantageous from the point of view of saving time, as well as saving money in transporting the goods to the ultimate wholesale consumer, which will be beneficial to both the supplier and the consumer of the goods. We organize fast, courier, inside Russian delivery of your goods to the client's warehouses, so that the customer does not even have to come for the goods, his application and payment for the goods will be enough, we will do the rest to get the goods in our warehouses.

- Convenient geographical location of the port special economic zone in Ulyanovsk, allows you to gather around all the most important major cities of Russia's consumers in a radius of 500 - 1500 kilometers, which constitute the main 80% of the population - from 20,000,000 to 112,000,000 people.
Customers themselves can come from large cities, for your goods to warehouses in the Port Special Economic Zone, and always get the batch of goods they need.

- with our help you can customize the wholesale of your goods in Russia and CIS countries, near and far abroad, we will prepare a client flow from the Internet and other all kinds of advertising your goods in Russia and CIS countries, near and far abroad.
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We provide all opportunities for the organization and devA full range of logistics services in Russia for partners of business in foreign economic activities, in the sphere of international wholesale trade, for exporters from various countries of the world, for the import of goods in Russia and for the sale of goods on the Russian market.
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If someone sees the benefit for himself and interested in distributing the content of our website or blog, he can freely share information about our offers wherever he wants by indicating a link to the source, on his websites, or on the pages of his social networks.

Also, if you would like to cooperate with our company as a partner to attract traffic to visitors to our site and if you involve real partners or clients in our large project, from your countries and if you can set up a system of accounting for the visitors or leads you attract, and who can later be our customers or partners. If you attract potential customers, this will be leading to a certain financial turnover of GTgroup.Company.

Then you will be able to earn your share from the profit of the project, from the client flow attracted by yourself, which have become our partners or clients. This will be possible if you can offer us options for your vision, how you can earn in our company from attracting client flow.

Please take note that our company accumulates and processes all incoming information, including incoming leads, in CRM Bitrix 24, so if you are interested and can cooperate with us, for us it does not matter in which country or state you will be You can cooperate with us in our online office.

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