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Peanut to buy wholesale from us!

  • We are direct suppliers of peanut and residents of Port Special Economic Zone in Russia in Ulyanovsk.
  • 100% and guarantee the safety of your goods, we work only officially.
  • We work with different groups of goods and know how to optimize the price of goods.
  • In matters of foreign trade, our company more 10 years.

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Buy in bulk peanuts still profitable. From direct supplier - manufacturer and importer in Russia.

Dear clients and wholesalers, interested in buying bulk peanuts, we hasten to inform you, that the Russian and international wholesale company GTgroup.Company organized the purchase of peanuts in Africa in Zambia for regular wholesale supply of nuts in Azerbaijan and Russia, power supply is from one 20ft container.

Buy peanuts in bulk, you can send a preliminary application for the left page of our website or send a request via e-mail include your contact information, Our manager will contact you as soon as possible. So you can do contact our manager by phone +7 (495) 118-26-27
GT Peanuts - Direct supplier of high quality at an affordable cost peanuts in bulk. Working with GTgroup.Company client gets the opportunity to buy peanuts in Azerbaijan and in Russia directly from the main supplier and resident PSEZ (Port Special Economic Zone) Ulyanovsk at a low price.
Peanut, To store passes through several intermediaries, such as:

1) A farmer who is engaged in the cultivation and harvesting of Peanut.
2) Zakupshtik, recycler, exporter Peanut.
3) The service provider of logistics and customs clearance.
4) St. Petersburg or Moscow wholesale market.
5) Regional wholesale markets.

We buy peanuts from farmers and do the work 2) and 3) intermediary points for the regional markets and all four mediators for shops. Accordingly stores become profitable and interesting to work directly with our komapnii. We also wonder, in connection with a good understanding of the processes and the profitability of foreign trade activities (Foreign Economic Activity)

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