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In the name of of Allah the Merciful

Creating a Landing Page.
Setting up PPC advertising
Indeks Setting up direct and contextual advertising GOOgle Adwords.

Comprehensive promotion of your business.

Landing Page creation and customization of contextual advertising Yandex Direct and Google Adwords. Automation applications receipts or sales calls.

a of most fast, effective, available and simple ways, and reasons appearance или increase selling, is an using selling pages - Landing Page in combined from context advertisement Yandex Direct and Google Adwords. So the same their call earmarked или landing pages.

Creature Landing Page and context of advertising This complex event by extension areas and opportunity selling, when are used highly advertising campaign by experts Internet marketers, in purposes interaction provider and user goods или services in the fields wholesale или retail trade.

us which conspiracy that clients It was, us conspiracy on good luck, us prayer on money, nothing it not necessary! Only knowledge about right investment means in advertising and using strategic activities by attraction and converting trust traffic, (convert - transformation) visitors website in buyers, conversion demand in sale.

If more easier and clearer - This using web pages in Internet - Poorhouse Pager, on which there is reception (unique commercial sentence), use buyer and advantages commodity или services, by what later columnist will be impossible refuse to buy, when all stated in accessible and clear form So, what him remains only only one option, buy, order или acquire.

Using context of advertising for attraction visitors on страницу Landing Page, in eventually converting (convert - transformation) their in Disabilities (lead- potential клиент), by which from God's assistance and will get calls или application.

T.it is. a task composed in Tom, that tune advertising ads on searching Yandex или Google and page on which they lead this manner, that to begin get calls или application by certain target for you of people.

Good by Poorhouse Paige and Context advertisement Yandex Direct and Google Adwords help decide tasks, that consumers concerned in Tom what you offer, could highly fast you to find and become your customers, или that massively to report people about your offers forming order most demand on your goods или services, или if you wish sign certain right you of people on email newsletter information, или that gather their contact data and after work from them, sell, teach, invite on meetings, master classes and t.d.

Common problems that can be encountered, that neither site, no advertising will not bring benefits.


first, the most important thing is the truth and a sincere desire to benefit others! because, that fooling people on the Internet, and indeed in life, pushing all the useless stuff and nonsense, nothing good can wait! People are actually buying or ordering, They want to buy a good product they will be satisfied!, þ is not a lie. And people are not suckers, and idiots. A similar! usually does not acquire, but only the removal of the brain and around the people who wish to benefit.

conscious part

The absence or weakness and understanding what benefits you bring people in general, as well as visitors to your site. Except for that use, that you want to get as much money from your browser, you can, twirling his website various marketing moves, exclusive beautiful (pluck the eyes) designs, confusing people and complicating content (information), which is not possible then to quickly understand the normal person, and he does not understand. Because it is only important to the visitor, for what he came, and that his interest, benefits and benefits.


Need to know! that the Website and Advertising are just two important enough gear, Two puzzle of one of the picture online or offline business, and they can only perform their narrowly focused objective function, RAISING Lidové, and needs to be supplemented. At least it is still necessary to work the whole mechanism, a good sales. Where there are people, This can be you, are taking applications, and ultimately convert incoming Disabilities, ie visitors into buyers, if the goods or services.

Our comprehensive services in promoting goods in Russia and in the CIS countries


analysis niche, ie. kind of your activity, on its suitability and appropriateness to the fact that the use of Internet resources to attract Disabilities. To ours with you the overall precious resources such as time,, and your money, nebyli spent in vain.


Create a landing page Landing Page, with all necessary information about your offer, about your product or service, and how they solve the problems of your customers, as well as your company's advantage over other hundreds of similar companies. That all the information was easy to understand and clear to every man.

Create a context ADVERTISING

Setting knontekstnoy Yadeks direct advertising and Google Adwords, which can be adjusted in such a way, to get customers even from there where they do not involve, install web site analytics and other web resources necessary for project success.

Development and promotion of sites!

What Constitutes a Service?

Stages of development of the site increased conversion.


1. Analysis and preparation.

Analysis of competitors' sites, Analysis of sites and advertisements of your competitors.
Define your audience
, your potential customer, to whom you will be selling a product or service, it is very important not only to create a single-site Landing Page - Landing Page, but also to create contextual advertising Yandex Direct and Google Adwords. You must clearly know your customer where he lives, is looking for, it is there to throw the bait, with the bait which he most desires.
Drafting USP, Your unique selling proposition, Such an offer you can not refuse, then there is only you and no one else other than you not be able to offer him.
Use or benefit of the client, the great benefits that your client will receive when Will buy or will always buy from you, and what benefit it expects it, or get it if you acquire it needed goods or services.
Advantages your company over other similar you by.

2. Development of pages increased conversion.

Putting it all in a bunch, all information that you know you, and what we know, think over, sort, filter out ))) and......

3. Creating pages increased conversion.

Are placed on the canvas so, to make it more interesting and aesthetically pleasing, all that we have received as a result of training, analysis, sorting, are placed on the site so, so that visitors can easily obtain information about, What are you offering.

Setting up PPC advertising
Indeks Direct Setting and contextual advertising GOOgle Adwords.

The main essence of the content can be expressed in a few words:
The man who is looking for interesting information on the Internet, to find something, he has something to type in a search engine!. And once again, your potential customer, gaining the necessary information at home, in the office or anywhere, sees your ad, When we meet him with our offer you can not refuse, and it goes to our website. Here ends the field of contextual advertising actions.

And it starts operation of our site. Where is your target potential customer sees interesting information, but in a more expanded form where it is possible to buy or order the, that it is now necessary to, or will it need to be further in life, but now he can get the best favorable conditions for it!

distinguish 3 type of leads (potential buyers)

1) That specifically or according to our assumption, We are interested in our proposals, goods or services they are looking for them on the Internet. conditionally "Hot clients" - these are the people, who already have money and a strong determination to make the purchase of certain goods or services already! and who are looking for them with necessary goods or services on the Internet, approximate statistics of buying goods or services such men 1 of 10 visitors.

2) Or not looking directly, exactly what we offer, and looking for something else, but in such categories or related topics with the, that we offer. conditionally "warm-Assistance" - these people potential customers, but at the moment for some reason they are not quite ready to make a purchase, such as lack of money right now at the moment, or time, or for the acquisition of all such goods or services have not yet reached, but it is assumed, that is they will need and the need to push them to it or recall. Approximate statistics of buying goods or services such men 1 of 100 visitors.

3) Or are looking for does not like, but something completely different, not due to the fact that we offer, but related to their activities or interests. That is, they are looking for something related to their activities and interests, but the nemenee they are targets for us human, and the possible future of our potential customers. conditionally "cold Clients" - these are people who will definitely live somewhere on the Internet and there is something looking for might not be even similar to the offered goods or services, but there is an assumption we, that we may offer them what we have, and it is their interest and they are now or later it will buy from us. Approximate statistics of buying goods or services such men 1 of 1000 visitors.

Good, quality customized contextual ads on search, allows advertisers located in the highest position, pay less than those advertisers who are in positions below.

Good relevant ads, competently otminusovannye keywords, and qualitatively written effective ads, provide an opportunity to get to 30% more applications than competitors.

It is also possible to configure (Retargeting), our contextual advertising so, If for some reason the man is gone from our website did not realize any act or not to finish the job action, our offer will still be displayed reminding him about us and our offer, which could then encourage, that this man still come back and acquire what we offer.

The cost of integrated services "good competition in Russia" to attract potential customers from the Internet.


What Constitutes SERVICES





/ от прибыли продаж. Cooperation conditions when you press the order.
Creating a Landing Page turnkey. Without advertising 50% of the cost of full service.
before 7 days
before 7 days
before 7 days
Contextual advertising Yandex Direct and Google Adwords.
before 7 days
before 7 days
before 7 days
all competitors
Yandex Direct Advertising
before 4000 ads
before 2200 ads
before 1200 announcements
Google Adwords Реклама
before 4000 ads
before 2100 ads
before 1200 ads
Support advertising company
8 weeks
6 weeks
4 of the week
UTM метки
Individual advertising companies to regions
Moscow region. / Russia
Yandex Advertising Network

What Constitutes SERVICES





In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
Creating websites and promotional campaigns, we trust our partners, in respect of their liability, accuracy and knowledge of the business. For the technical part of the creation of sites and advertising campaigns, they have all the necessary programs and tools, through which they promptly respond to our demands. Just our partners have the knowledge and experience of the correctness of the content site, to a high conversion to convert visitors to subscribers or buyers. We are working with our partners we have only positive emotions to themselves and the necessary tools for our company.
Yours faithfully, Гейдаров Турал.
Geydarov Tural organizer and mentor geydarov.ru and gtgroup.companyProfessional business coach.
Coach on the religious and secular personal development.
Organizer of several automated projects,
with the vast profits and hundreds of employees.