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Molds for PET bottles

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Molds PET – Molds for PET bottles – Molds for PET bottles. Molds for PET bottles from China (Mold PET). Manufacture of molds PET. GTgroup. Company more 10 years specialized in producing high quality molds in China for casting…

Calculation of Mold.

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Making molds price and terms. Calculation of molds for plastic injection. Making molds price, as well as the timing of their production depend on the size, the complexity of the design and functionality most molds. Production of molds in China ranges from 30 before 60 working…

Molds Car

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Molds Car – molds for bumpers. Molds Car (Casting of plastic auto parts) GTgroup.Company experienced company, more 10 years specializing in the manufacture and supply of molds from China, It provides full manufacturing and delivery process…

Production of molds

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Production of molds for injection molding machines. Molds from China 50% cheaper. Production of molds. Production of molds in China 50% cheaper than the Russian producer, the quality of molds or slightly suffering. International Commerce – Logistical…